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The Gut Detox Coach - Healing from the Inside Out!

Meet Nicole - Nicole is a Functional Medicine Heath Coach passionate about helping people.  We met Nicole at the beginning of the year (2022) - when she invited us to participate in a Cake Fundraiser for local Adoption agency.  We have since then, love & appreciate the wealth of gut information Nicole has, additionally she has the biggest heart for helping and patience.  

From Nicole's Post April 24th:  So many of you are probably wondering what Nora's birth story is. And so we wanted to share💜:
First, preemptively, for those who don't know, I struggled with Lyme, high lead levels, Candida, other infections🦠 and infertility for the entirety of our marriage (8/2015). We found out we were pregnant only 2 months after my (the BEST💜) Dad passed away last year, so she is our precious little miracle baby⭐️.  Travis and I always wanted children and prayed the Lord would provide, but waited patiently while I also healed my body🤲.  
Nicole has an amazing story of gut restoration the natural way!  To check out more of her journey & how she can help you get to the root problems follow her on Facebook or Instagram and check out her website.
She has also done some amazing reviews on our products and why they are so good for your gut health!  Check out the Coconut Macarons review HERE.