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S'mores Charcuterie Board - KETO, GF, SF, LC

We love everything sweet and we love bon fires with the family.  One of the "fat girl" summer / fall time treats we missed was Smore's.  What better way to enjoy camp fires or family gatherings - than with a gluten free, sugar free, low carb, keto approved & diabetic friendly Smore's Charcuterie board! 

They say... it's not a charcuterie board if it doesn't have meat... What do you think?

Complete this Keto Smore's Board at home!  You will need:

1. Max Mallow Marshmallows >> Find them HERE.

2. Wholesome Keto Treats Graham Crackers >> The Smores Kit's are available HERE; however, if you'd like ONLY the Crackers give us a call 407-593-0113 or shoot us an email. 

3. Lily's Dark Chocolate Chip >> Find them HERE or Coco Polo Milk Chocolate Chips >> Find them HERE.

4. Fresh Fruit of choice - we choose Strawberries because it is absolutely delicious dipped in Choc Zero Cookie Butter >> Find it HERE.

Enjoy!  If you have a hand held torch we pre toasted the Marshmallows for pictures however this Keto Sugar Free Marshmallows by Max Sweets are as close the the REAL thing we have found & melt perfect over a bon fire!  

(Another variation of Smore's Board with no Marshmallows).