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Review of KetoBakes Icecream by KetoJoy (Moosetracks)

Hey Keto Friends!!!  It's a New Year with new brands and we are excited about this new Keto Approved brand with options for Dairy Free, Nut Free, Grain Free, Egg Free mixes.  

Who is KetoBakes?  Check out their story at the end of our Review Blog post.  In a nutshell, their story mirrors a lot of ours with family health issues that promotes healthier eating habits!  No Sugars, No Grains, Low in Carbs, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Keto Approved & DELICIOUS!!!  

We are here for the Ice Cream though, Right!?!?  Depending on how long & what level of Ketoer you are (strict vs. dirty) there are Ice Cream options available - ready made in the freezer department of your local grocery story ... You'll find brands like:  Halo, Rebel or Enlightened.  Personally, #1 they aren't truly keto and second they don't taste that great.  For a dirty ketoer the Enlightened's new "creamer" ones aren't as chalky / icy as the originals; however, the ingredients aren't good at all... wheat, milk, sugar - all technically no-no's on Keto lifestyle.  

 So on the hunt for an ice cream that checks all the boxes... we stumbled upon KetoJoy Ice Cream mix that is super easy (and can be made without a churner; churning does create a creamy, dreamy delicious ice cream.  Depending on your dietary restrictions you can create an ice cream that is Dairy Free, Nut Free, Kid Friendly, Sugar Free - the possibilities are endless. 


🍨 Each mix makes between 1.5 to 2 Quarts of churned ice cream.  That's nine ⅔ Cup Servings, or, twelve ½ Cup Servings.

🍨 NON DAIRY: use coconut cream or other vegan-based liquid, instead of heavy cream. 

🍨 Vary the fat content by adjusting for more or less cream. For example for nonfat low carb ice cream, use 90% unsweetened nut milk, 10% cream. 

🍨 We love this KETO ice cream on all occasions, for all reasons, and in all ways! On top of keto fruit pie, like sundaes, cookie ice cream sandwiches, push pops, ice cream cakes... it's just so delicious every way you can imagine. (And quick and easy to make!)

Snag a bag from Wholesome Keto Treats (HERE) - with 10% OFF (automatic coupon) as a promo for you to try & enjoy Keto Ice Cream!  Automatic coupon is valid through 2/22/23.  Be sure to let us know what you think & follow KetoBakes on socials for recipes ideas and new mixes (they created a CBD Keto Brownie mix 🤯we can't wait to try!)

Haley & I choose the Moose Tracks flavor - and stayed basic with peanut butter option for our nut butter that mixes with the confectioner packet (yes! mix comes with smaller confectioner packet, super easy to mix - we used a fork and parchment paper; popped it in the freezer for about 20 minutes and sliced / peeled the moose tracks pieces off to mix with the ice cream.) The result was ice cream treat for days - I was shocked at how much the mix yielded. 

We did not use the churner method, I used a hand mixer to mix the heavy cream & nut milk with ice cream mix until frothy and slightly thickened.  This was truly a dreamy, creamy, delicious - keto approved ice cream treat we will continue to enjoy <3 

Don't forget to check out KetoBakes Story & follow their socials! 

As always - Keto On! 

Jess & the Baking Team

KetoBakes Story:  We adopted the keto lifestyle after multiple health issues surfaced in our family --my husband was getting shots for his joints, his attention issues were getting worse with age, our daughter needed to be gluten free, and our other kids were dealing with everything from learning disabilities and autism to Type 1 Diabetes. And personally, I was looking for a little weight loss and more energy to deal with all that -- LOL! I learned that the common denominator was that we were all battling inflammation in one way or another and that food choices can help control that.

Long story short I put us on the keto diet. Which can be hard to sustain for yourself let alone a whole family. But this needed to work for us and it had to be a sustainable lifestyle. It needed to be super yummy, socially normal (think taking lunches to school), we needed to still be able to celebrate with cupcakes and frosting and have pizza on Friday nights...once in a while coffee cake or cinnamon rolls for brunch would be nice and hamburgers with real buns on grill night...food in real life needs to feel satisfying and comforting. We could go on forever eating low carb if we didn't feel deprived.

So I began trying different recipes most of which were odd and lacking somehow. Sweeteners tasted fake, "breads" tasted eggy or like scrub sponges!

The other problem was that I was in the kitchen ALL THE TIME 😅 and I thought "gee, how could I simplify this for myself and for others. This seems like a need in the world that could be better served." That was 5 years ago. So January 2020 we launched KetoBakes.com  - a clean keto bake mix company where we don't compromise on ingredients and we don't compromise on taste! I'm the recipe developer and a product has to be 100% delicious enough to serve to our own guests or it doesn't go to market.

The response has been absolutely overwhelming. Over 60,000 people love our products - which makes us do a happy dance around the kitchen! 💃

Thank you for letting me share my story. And oh by the way, my husband hasn't needed another shot, brains are clearer and moods are better for all...the diabetes is under control with keto. Me? I feel supported with this lifestyle, so I have the energy and happy outlook to care for my sweet family like I want to.

I hope we can support you in your lifestyle as well! Xx

Here's to your EASY HEALTHY!

<3 Becky