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Our Review of Natural Heaven - Brown Rice

Hey Keto Friends!  We have new products and we want to tell you all about them 😊

This is our review of Natural Heaven - so, back story - as a keto lifestyle goer I knew of Hearts of Palm (as in Palmini - what I thought was the only available option for Hearts of Palm Spaghetti).  While searching for new products - came across Natural Heaven - Low Carb Gourmet!  This is their story:

"Thirteen years ago, I lost my father. Like millions of other Americans, he was addicted to food and had horrible eating habits which eventually caused him to have a heart attack what took his life. A few years later, I saw myself starting to fall into the same habits that took my father's life and realized how difficult it actually was to make the change. I decided right then and there that I needed to create healthy substitutes for foods I loved. I knew by doing so, I was not gonna end like my father and could help as many people. WHAT MAKES OUR PRODUCT UNIQUE? Because Natural Heaven is the ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD that is made with ONLY ONE INGREDIENT: Hearts of Palm. No Preservatives, nothing else added."

I was skeptical because they claim it's the "best pasta alternative" - they also offer Mashed & faux Rice!!!   Cauliflower rice is okay... but no replacement for rice!  I grew up on Rice & Beans made by my Mama.  I have not had "RICE" in YEARS - excitement couldn't be contained so we tried that one first! 

Brown Rice:  OH MY GOSH - Almost as good as the real thing!!!  I personally was very impressed and am looking forward to having Natural Heaven Brown Rice smothered in my Mama's bean sauce at Thanksgiving!

Directions for the rice is simple and made in less than 5 minutes.  We spruced ours up a bit and made a fried rice, with carrot shreds, onions, coconut aminos, garlic, sesame oil.  

Review Natural Heaven Brown Rice

The "Fired Brown Rice" came out AMAZING - 3 of us voted and was unanimous that this was awesome.  

Grabs your Natural Heaven Brown Rice HERE.