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Chicky Baby Adventures - the Reason & Research

As you know probably know, eggs are a "go to" staple food item on Keto.  You can almost make any meal; breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack out of an egg.  The Chicken Egg, if purchasing and using the right one (Pasture-raised eggs) can contain up to 6 times more Vitamin D, less cholesterol and more vitamin A, omega-3, vitamin E and beta-carotene. This quick read from Taste of Home breaks down which eggs are best & why.   

Obviously those "extra's" found in Pasture-raised eggs are what we used to get before commercialization and big corporations stepped in.  Worrying more about how to make the most out of the least.  With that being said currently a dozen Pasture-raised eggs can go for the hefty price of $6.50 - $12.00 (depending on location and store - these prices are based in Central Florida at Walmart vs. Whole Foods).  That's for 12 eggs!!!!  Right now raw egg costs are up 3x's (that is on a commercial side as well - meaning for us to purchase for the shop from wholesale restaurant depots our costs are up three times as well)!!!  When we started this Keto baking journey 60 eggs - at most, were $4.88, now 60 eggs (cheapest I can find) are $10.98. 

It's more cost effective and helps our local agriculture community to purchase eggs locally.  Here in Central Florida you will find a few local chicken farmers. Their chickens tend to be free ranged, no hormones, some grain free and generally happy chickens. 

So with our recent move to the west side of Osceola County on 4 acres of land and an existing exterior structure... the thought of having chicken's has become a reality!  Ever thought of having Chicken's?!  These are a few tip and our journey on chicken raisin'.

Before making the actual purchase of baby chicks, I researched what was needed to safely house 20-40 chickens.  Some great go to videos and where to start with chicken raising was found on Youtube and Tiktok.  

We really enjoyed watching video from Stoney Ridge Farmer - very informative & helpful!

Now for some cute chicky photos! 

Be sure to check back for our Chicky Baby Adventure Updates!