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PLEASE NOTE:  THIS IS NOT KETO!!!!  This product is offered as an alternative to the sugary substitute.  Please read all nutritional labels before consuming & consult nutritionist with best approach with concerns to specific diets. 

Hey! 👋 I'm Tara, CEO & Founder of SmartSweets.

I started SmartSweets after my love affair with candy turned into an unhealthy relationship with food, and I experienced the negative effects excess sugar has on our health. I tried to eat less sugar, but that only led me to crave candy even more, sparking my quest to kick sugar, and keep candy. After spending months recipe testing in my kitchen with a gummy bear mould from Amazon, I innovated the first delicious candy - without all the sugar.

I can't wait for you to try SmartSweets, and join us on the mission to kick sugar.

PS - Join me on Instagram (@SmartSweetsFounder) for a behind-the-scenes look at SmartSweets!

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